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Chimney & Fireplace Construction Projects | Watertown, CT

Arnold’s Masonry& Construction provides chimney and fireplace masonry construction services in Watertown, CT and surrounding areas.  We specialize in building, designing, and installing chimneys and fireplaces using masonry materials like bricks, stones, and concrete. Contact us today at (203) 808-6886 to schedule a quick no-cost quote! Here is an overview of the services typically provided by these professionals:

  1. Chimney Construction:
    • New Chimney Installation: Building a chimney from the ground up, including the foundation, structure, and flue system.
    • Custom Chimney Design: Creating a chimney that complements the architectural style of the building or meets the client’s design preferences.
    • Flue System Installation: Installing the flue liner, ducts, and connectors to safely direct smoke and gases out of the chimney.
  2. Fireplace Construction:
    • New Fireplace Installation: Building a fireplace as part of new construction or as an addition to an existing structure.
    • Masonry Fireplaces: Constructing traditional masonry fireplaces using bricks, stones, or other masonry materials.
    • Prefabricated Fireplace Installation: Installing pre-built or prefabricated fireplace units for a faster and more cost-effective solution.
    • Custom Fireplace Design: Designing unique fireplace structures with custom hearths, mantels, and facades.
  3. Chimney and Fireplace Repairs:
    • Tuckpointing: Repairing or replacing deteriorating mortar and brickwork to maintain structural integrity.
    • Flashing Repair: Fixing or replacing chimney flashing to prevent water leaks.
    • Cap and Crown Repair: Repairing or replacing chimney caps and crowns to protect against water damage.
    • Damper Repair: Fixing or replacing dampers to ensure proper airflow control.
    • Lining Repair: Replacing or repairing flue liners that are damaged or deteriorating.
  4. Chimney and Fireplace Restoration:
    • Restoring the original appearance and structural integrity of older chimneys and fireplaces.
    • Cleaning and Refinishing: Removing soot, stains, and debris from the masonry, followed by refinishing to restore its aesthetic appeal.
    • Historical Preservation: Specializing in restoring and preserving chimneys and fireplaces in historic properties.
  5. Chimney and Fireplace Inspections:
    • Regular inspections to identify safety concerns, structural issues, and necessary repairs.
    • Safety Assessments: Evaluating the safety of your chimney and fireplace, especially if they are aging or have undergone damage.
  6. Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits:
    • Designing and building outdoor fireplaces and fire pits for patios, decks, and outdoor living spaces.
  7. Chimney and Fireplace Consultation:
    • Offering expert advice on design options, materials, and energy-efficient solutions.
    • Assessing the feasibility of converting a traditional fireplace into a gas or electric unit for improved efficiency.

When hiring a Chimney Construction | Repair & Restoration | Watertown, CT service, be sure to select a reputable and experienced company or professional who understands local building codes and safety standards. A properly constructed and maintained chimneys and fireplaces by Arnold’s Masonry Construction will not only add warmth and character to your home but also enhance safety and energy efficiency.

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