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Stone & Block Walls, Retaining Walls

Arnold’s Masonry And Construction, LLC.

Stone & Block Walls, Retaining Walls

Our natural stone walls can be constructed using an assortment of stone materials that are either arranged together or are binded for additional support. A stone wall designed and constructed by Arnold’s Masonry and Construction will create a natural or rustic appearance that will complement the layout of your property. If you require a retaining wall for your property, our stone retaining wall services will work to reduce soil erosion on your property, while adding elements of beauty and functionality. The dimensions of your stone wall can be customized and can be used to provide an extra element of security for your property, outline your patio or outdoor living space, or mark your property line.

At Arnold’s Masonry & Construction of Waterbury, CT, we are committed to providing you with high quality block wall services for your residential or commercial property. We use high quality materials combined with our over 35 years of experience to ensure that your block retaining wall is constructed within your specifications and desired budget. We are capable of creating unique and customized designs and patterns that are strategically positioned, so that your block wall is not only durable, but visually appealing as well.

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