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Serving Southington, CT and surrounding areas, Arnold’s Masonry and Construction offers custom iron and vinyl railing installation for decks and stairways.  We can add specially designed iron or vinyl railings that enhance the safety, aesthetics, and functionality of outdoor spaces such as decks and stairways. You can click the following link to View Our 5-Star Google Reviews. Contact today at (203) 808-6886 to schedule a quick no-cost quote!

Custom Iron Railings for Stairways & Decks in Southington, CT

  1. Design and planning: The first step is to determine the design and style of the railing system. You can work with our designer to create a customized railing design that suits your preferences and complements the overall architecture of your home or building.
  2. Material selection: Decide whether you want iron or vinyl railings. Iron railings provide a classic, elegant look and are known for their strength and durability. Vinyl railings, on the other hand, offer a low-maintenance option with various styles and colors to choose from.
  3. Measurement and preparation: Accurate measurements are crucial for a proper fit. Our installation team will measure the dimensions of the deck or stairway to ensure the railings are fabricated to the correct specifications. Any necessary preparations, such as cleaning or repairing the existing structure, may also be done at this stage.
  4. Fabrication: Once the design and measurements are finalized, the railing components will be fabricated according to your specifications. This process involves cutting, welding, shaping, and assembling the iron components or cutting and preparing the vinyl railing pieces.
  5. Installation: Our installation team will install the posts, balusters, handrails, and other components according to the design plan. We will secure the posts to the deck or stairway structure, attach the balusters (vertical supports), and connect the handrails for a sturdy and visually appealing railing system. The installation process may involve drilling, anchoring, welding (for iron railings), and using specialized tools.
  6. Finishing touches: After the main installation is complete, the team will ensure that all the connections are secure and the railing system is level and aligned correctly. We may apply protective coatings or finishes to iron railings to prevent rust or corrosion. Vinyl railings generally do not require additional finishing.
  7. Inspection and testing: A thorough inspection of the installed railing system will be conducted to verify its structural integrity, stability, and compliance with local building codes and safety standards. Our installation team may also test the railing for any functional issues, such as proper grip and support.
  8. Maintenance and care: Once the railing is installed, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and perform regular maintenance to keep the railing in good condition. This may include periodic cleaning, painting or sealing (for iron railings), and checking for any signs of wear or damage.

It’s worth noting that the specific installation process can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, the type of railing material used, local building codes, etc. Arnold’s Masonry and Construction will ensure a successful and safe installation of custom iron or vinyl railings in Southington for your deck or stairway.  You can click the following link to View Our 5-Star Google Reviews. Contact today at (203) 808-6886 to schedule a quick no-cost quote!