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Arnold’s Masonry an Construction offers chimney or fireplace construction, repair, and restoration services in Meriden, CT an surrounding areas. These services encompass a range of professional offerings related to the design, installation, maintenance, and refurbishment of chimneys and fireplaces in residential and commercial properties. These services are essential for ensuring the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of chimneys and fireplaces, which serve as crucial components of heating systems and architectural features in buildings.

Here’s an overview of our chimney and fireplace services in Meriden, CT:

  1. Construction: Chimney and fireplace construction involves the initial installation of new chimneys and fireplaces or the addition of these features to existing structures. This process includes designing the chimney or fireplace to meet building codes and safety standards, selecting appropriate materials such as brick, stone, or metal, and building the structure from the foundation up. Construction services may also include the installation of flues, liners, dampers, caps, and other components necessary for proper ventilation and operation.
  2. Repair: Chimney and fireplace repair services address issues such as structural damage, water leaks, cracks, deterioration, and malfunctioning components. Common repairs may include repointing mortar joints, replacing damaged bricks or stones, repairing chimney crowns, fixing flashing around the chimney base, replacing damaged flue liners, and addressing issues with damper mechanisms. Repair services help restore the integrity, functionality, and safety of chimneys and fireplaces, preventing further damage and potential hazards.
  3. Restoration: Chimney and fireplace restoration services involve comprehensive refurbishment and preservation efforts to revitalize aging or deteriorated chimneys and fireplaces. Restoration may include cleaning soot and creosote buildup, repairing or replacing damaged masonry, restoring historical features, upgrading outdated components for improved efficiency and safety, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the chimney or fireplace. Restoration services aim to maintain the architectural integrity and historical significance of chimneys and fireplaces while ensuring they meet modern standards and requirements.

Our chimney and fireplace contractors in Meriden, CT offer a range of services tailored to the specific needs of our clients, including:

  • Inspection and evaluation of chimney and fireplace condition.
  • Custom design and consultation for new installations or renovations.
  • Chimney sweeping and cleaning to remove creosote, debris, and obstructions.
  • Installation or replacement of chimney liners, caps, dampers, and other accessories.
  • Waterproofing and sealing to protect chimneys and fireplaces from moisture intrusion.
  • Safety assessments and compliance with building codes and regulations.
  • Education and maintenance tips for homeowners to ensure proper care and operation of chimneys and fireplaces.

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